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So what is it that is making those contracting so very happy

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So what is it that is making those contracting so very happy

Postby JillHenderson » Fri, 18 Nov 2016 07:30:37 -0500

So as well as a substantially higher sense of gratification overall, contractors reported that they also had considerably superior satisfaction levels to permanent employees in twelve individual aspects of work they were asked about, including:

* Opportunities for development
* Flexibility
* Assignments undertaken
* Recognition received
* Ability to express creativity
* Level of income

Which is reflected in the feedback that we receive from our very own contractors on the motivation behind their decision to pursue a move across to contracting with us in the UK. MGI comments that ‘These findings echo a large body of academic work pointing to the importance of choice, autonomy, and self-agency as key drivers of worker satisfaction. Free agents (contractors) cite higher satisfaction than traditional workers across issues ranging from the creativity they can express to opportunities for learning and recognition.’
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