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Studying in Kentucky

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Studying in Kentucky

Postby adamsm » Sat, 03 Mar 2007 02:08:05 -0500

I'm 25yrs and from Switzerland. I really dont know much about the scholarships procedures in the US. I have no idea where to start. :cry:

- Do I have to find a college first and then apply for a scholarship? Or do i need a Scholarship first and then choose a school?

-I seen on some scholarships online saying : deadline 1 march 07 , what does that means, are these scholarships for the Fall 07?

- I plan on staying with my boyfriend (US citizen) while studying in the US . Is that a problem when i tell the immigration officer that i will be living with my boyfriend? Could it cause a denial?

-After i start a College in KY, can I change Colleges in another state with the same Visa ?

Thank you for your time


Mireille Adams
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Postby crawleyj » Sat, 17 Dec 2016 05:43:19 -0500

Thank you for using the web site.

Most of the time when an international student gets a scholarship it is from the college or university that they have been admitted to. Not all institutions offer scholarships so you will need to do a little research and find out if the schools you are interested in have anything to offer and if so, what are the qualifications and how much is it worth if you get one.

Please keep in mind that most awards are partial awards so you will still generally need to pay 50-80% of the cost even if you get a scholarship. Once in a while you might find a bigger award that is given to an exceptional student.

Yes, when a deadline is listed on literature or a webs ite, it generally means that is the deadline for upcoming Fall Semester.

Yes, you might have a problem with your student visa interview if you indicate that you are going to live with your boyfriend who is a U.S. citizen. That information is better off not said. If they ask if you have relatives in the US you need to answer that honestly. Do not volunteer anything that is not asked for, however, do not lie either.

You can change schools within the U.S. As long as apply to and are admitted to a new school, you can transfer after finishing at least one semester at the first school.

I hoep that helps. Please feel free to ask further questions of me at If you do, please make reference to this site and our "conversation" so I remember the context of what we were discussing.


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