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Are my boys International Students?

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Are my boys International Students?

Postby AKSAAY » Sun, 05 Jun 2016 10:18:02 -0500

First off, Thanks to Jim Crawley and the website Founder for this gem of a website.

I have 2 boys who are in Texas (ages 11 and 8 ). Both boys were born in US (Citizens) and both of us (mom and dad) are also Naturalized US Citizens. They have been performing academically excellent!

* 11 year old got into a program called MathRocks (top 2% percentile), Presidential Award winner, Very High MAP Scores. He finished his Elementary School (Grade 5) and will be going into Middle School in August 2016. Ton of Extracurricular activities including Basketball, Vocal, Violin etc.
* 8 year old is going into Grade 3 and also has been academically excellent in his MAP scores with a lot of extra-curricular activities

Both boys have been influenced tremendously by our friends (many of them are doctors) and kids of our friends who are going all over the country to pursue medicine - many of them with FULL scholarship.

I (dad) have a fantastic job opportunity in INDIA and I am seriously considering to take it up. It will be for at least 7 to 10 years. This means that both boys will be finishing 12th grade in India.

We need to strategize on our investment strategy depending on Financial requirement for kids education.


1. Are the kids considered International Students?
2. What disadvantage will the kids have if they want to pursue premed and medicine in US?
3. Can you please also give a few hints on expected expenses (roughly) for each of them?
4. How can they be competitive with kids who are educated in US during admission?
5. Are there colleges that will probably give admission if boys want to do their 4 year undergrad in a different country? What kind of courses should they take abroad to give them an edge?

These questions are from only 2 categories - Admissions and Finance. If I have left out any categories, can you please let me know about it too?

Thank you so much!! IMHO, it is NEVER TOO EARLY !!

The service this forum provides is influencing so many lives and possibly so many colleges on their policies. Thanks a Ton !!
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