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The Real Cost of Mistakes in Your Resume

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The Real Cost of Mistakes in Your Resume

Postby gregorymboelter » Thu, 06 Oct 2016 08:56:24 -0500

If you are applying for a role with a salary of, let’s say $60,000 (package) and you have written a 350-word application/covering letter and you divide 350 into the 60,000 … it means every word on that page has a potentially value of $171.42.

Let’s have some fun with this…

3 spelling mistakes – deduct $514.26
1 Grammatical error – deduct another $171.42
Spelt the recipient’s name wrong – deduct another $171.42
Typed the wrong job title of the role you are applying for – deduct another $171.42

Actually let’s stop here because by this stage they probably won’t even bother reading any further. Anyone reviewing applications will take the approach of if you cannot be bothered getting this right, then we cannot be bothered reading your application.
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