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Five types of leaders – which one are you?

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Five types of leaders – which one are you?

Postby gregorymboelter » Mon, 05 Sep 2016 04:01:56 -0500

A leader is someone with particular skills who is able to encourage, motivate and lead a team to get a job done. Traits of leaders include self-awareness, self-direction, social skills, vision, the ability to motivate.

Which type of leader are you?

* Doer – you achieve, you arrange, you have consistency in your approach, you are disciplined and focused on the task at hand, you restore what has gone wrong.
* Influential – you communicate, you compete, you are sure of yourself and your decisions, you convince others of your plans.
* Linking – You are adaptable, you develop connections and as a result you are well connected, you promote harmony by including individuals and positively achieving outcomes.
* Tactical – you contextualise and analyse the future, you are an ideas person with a good grasp of reality, you are a calculating, intellectual learner.
* Ceremonial – you are the face of your business, you allow others to do ground work while presenting the facts, you are formal and ritualistic in your approach to business dealings.

Which leader are you? Can leaders change style based on the situation?
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