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Tips to improve your work life now!

Postby gregorymboelter » Fri, 03 Jun 2016 11:17:00 -0500

It is normal to have ‘moments’ at work. You may be feeling overwhelmed, had an uncomfortable conversation, or be pumping yourself up for a presentation.

Here are a few quick tips to use to help you refresh:

Take some slow and deep breaths

It’s well known that taking some time to focus on your breathing can reduce your stress and anxiety, due to the physiological effect on the nervous system.

Create your to do list

Being unsure of your tasks and their priorities can lead to stress. Take some time to write a clear ‘to do’ list, and highlight the task priorities. If necessary, speak to people about pending deadlines to see if you can have more time.

Tidy your desk

A clean work space can help you focus, due to less distractions (including the ‘I should really tidy my desk’ one).

Remind yourself that you can only do one thing at a time

A quick way to decrease your stress is to remind yourself that you can’t do more than you are. Once your to do list is prepared start working through it. One thing at a time.

Learn to say no

Of course things will pop up and your to do list may grow. Manage this by saying no to tasks that don’t impact projects your working on and your role expectations. Also keep your deadlines in mind and ensure new tasks don’t compromise these.


Smiling reinforces the way we feel, so this is a case of ‘fake it ’til you make it’. Walk around the office and say ‘hi’ and offer a smile to your colleagues.

Go for a walk!

A walk will give you a moment to gather your thoughts, and the fresh air will inspire you.

Have lunch away from your desk

Give your back, shoulders and neck a break from that sitting position. Have your lunch with a colleague. This helps develop relationships, which makes work more enjoyable.
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