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Western Sydney U vs U of Canberra vs Australian Catholic U

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Western Sydney U vs U of Canberra vs Australian Catholic U

Postby TeddyD77 » Wed, 03 Feb 2016 09:39:02 -0500

Hi! I need some serious advice from somebody who is well versed in the universities in Australia. I am a Canadian student who is applying to these three schools but I cannot decide which one to choose between Western Sydney U, U of Canberra and Australian Catholic U. I am curious about the credibility of each university, the life on campus, the beaches near each, things to do in the area, and overall experience each university will provide me with.

Thanks a lot!

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Re: Western Sydney U vs U of Canberra vs Australian Catholic U

Postby DaveBlack » Wed, 24 Feb 2016 08:40:02 -0500

Hi Ted

if you are interested beaches hot weather then you have 3 options
Sydney busy life style good beaches.
Brisbane has good beaches and nice weather.
Perth has good beaches and wormer than other cities I mentioned above.
if you are interested with night life and Sydney has the biggest population in Australia
basically all the cities has their unique features. quality of universities deepens on what do you want to study as well i came to Australia as International student too. I got some good quality information from local website as well like if you want you can check out this page otherwise you can contact to schools directly I'm sure they will help you too. if you go to student agency they will recommend you the school gives them the most commission. good luck.
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