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study in berlin or zurich

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study in berlin or zurich

Postby schneestark » Fri, 17 Oct 2014 06:21:33 -0500

sorry I know, this doen't belong here to the UK , but I didn't knew how to create a ne "study in.." so:
I'll probably study Informatics ((not totally sure though) and I'm wondering whether I should study in Berlin (HU) or in Zurich (ZH). The reason why I'm considering those cities are that I personally love Berlin, it's a lovely place and it seems to be really fun for students (nightlife etc.) but I also would like to go somewhere else after my studies (like the US or somewhere else on the globe) and I'm concerned about the reputation those 2 universities have ,internationally speaking.I've looked at the rankings here and seen that ZH is marked as better, but in other rankings i.e timeseducation , HU is better, so I don't really want to rely on some rankings. I feel like swiss education, as the land itself, seems to have more prestige on the global market, but again that may be just my feeling. Speaking against Zurich are the enormously high living expenses and well I think in comparison to Berlin the city has very little to offer, but that should not be of huge importance when it comes to planning my future.
So what would you advise me to do? and which academical degree (german, swiss) do you think tends to be taken more seriously and is perhaps even more appreciated by recruiting companies all over the world?
thank you very much for your time!
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