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Short course which can help me to get a job in Canada

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Short course which can help me to get a job in Canada

Postby SPan_10 » Mon, 12 Sep 2016 07:58:54 -0500

Hello all,
I am Suraj from India. I have done my B.Tech in Computer Science and masters in IT. I am working here from January,2016 for a reputed MNC. I want to get settled in Canada. I don't want to do Ph.D or M.S.
What should be the best choice for me to go there, use my experience whatever i have and get a job. As per my opinion doing a short course there can help me to have a job there. But i am not aware of that scenario.
So i need your help what to do and what pa4th should i follow. You all are very welcome to change my thought process. If i am thinking right then what should be the best course(as per job market) to go for. I am planning to go there in 2018.

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Re: Short course which can help me to get a job in Canada

Postby lizajack2013 » Wed, 03 May 2017 12:19:50 -0500

There are 1-2 day courses that can help you get that first job, such as First Aid and CPR, a Food Handling course, Superhost (for customer service) or Flagging & Traffic Control (for road construction).
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