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Eight Effective Strategies for Speaking a Foreign Language

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Eight Effective Strategies for Speaking a Foreign Language

Postby Language Girl » Thu, 26 Sep 2013 06:10:52 -0500

A Whole New Ball Game
Eight Effective Strategies for Speaking a Foreign Language

A first step in learning to speak a foreign language is self-examination. This step is important in determining the amount of time and effort you will spend learning the language. A person wanting to converse for work or business will need to put forth more effort than a person who wants to learn a few phrases to travel. Look at the following list. Check off the reasons why you want to speak a new language. I want to:

o have fun
o meet new friends
o achieve a new goal
o discover my heritage
o keep my mind healthy
o meet someone special
o say a few phrases to travel
o participate in volunteer work
o converse with a relative or in-law
o know what people are saying about me
o live in a country where the language is spoken
o communicate with a business associate and clients

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