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Masters degree in Canada

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Masters degree in Canada

Postby Charlie1 » Tue, 10 Apr 2012 04:49:46 -0500

Hi Everyone,

I want to do my master's degree in CA and i've been searching information and read old topics here but does anyone have "new" information about studying CA. I have few questions?

I'm from scandinavia and i have BBA in business. I'm looking for Masters degree or MBA in finance,, marketing or management.

1. What are the best universities for international students acceptance %? Tuition fee what i am now ready to pay is in range of 20000$-30000$. I hope there is any in these fees?!...

2. Do the universities prefer GRE or GMAT test? im taking one this summer hasn't decide which one gre or gmat. Any suggestions which one i should take?

3. What universities offers best scholarships for INTS's?

4. About the Post-secondary work permit. If i understood right if you study 1yr you get 1yr permit and 2yr, you get 3yr permit?.. Is there some restriction what subject you can study or the place where you study. For example i read one thread/article that example you study in Toronto you can not obtain this post-secondary work permit?!?!.. you need to study in area like Nova Scotia, Quebec to obtain the permit. Is this right?

5. Are the masters degree in CA 1yr or 2yr normally i found some 1yr but what is the normal protocol.

Also would be nice to hear if anyone has been able to stay in CA after masters and this post-secd. work. How have you manage to do it? Found a sponsor (company) or is this possible to apply/transfer for a work-permit visa after this post-secondary permit.

Thanks for the answers and best of luck to everyone who is heading to CA:)
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Re: Masters degree in Canada

Postby StudentGuru » Wed, 11 Apr 2012 09:27:39 -0500

Hi, you can research more about Canada Schools' programs here at

2. GMAT Test is for graduated students that are going into Business Major field. GRE Test is for other majors.

3. Each school offer different type of scholarships, you may want to check out here or the school websites for more detail information.
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Re: Masters degree in Canada

Postby m.khaleel » Wed, 03 Oct 2012 02:48:32 -0500

@student guru.

I am looking at some universities who donot require GMAT for admission in masters. How are such institutes? [is there a place where I can see their 'reputation' as an institute]
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Re: Masters degree in Canada

Postby shre_canada » Tue, 11 Jun 2013 04:50:26 -0500

Hello all,

My name is Shreyas and I am willing to do my masters in Cyber Security.

Would you suggest me a link where I can have a look at the colleges or universities that would offer such courses?

If i am right, the stay at Canada would cost at around $600-800$ off campus. However, I would like to know the exact figures regarding in-campus and off-campus stay and the challenges that i might face during my stay.

Thanks in advance.
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