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How do so many Indians afford to do MS in USA?

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How do so many Indians afford to do MS in USA?

Postby collmissionstats » Tue, 15 Nov 2016 01:12:55 -0500

Getting a chance to study MS is US is an ultimate thing. If you look at the return on your investment. Students after passing MS in US get an average salary in the range of $60,000-$100,000.

The amount you spend on education can be easily covered in a few years of time.

However, getting financial aid for international students like Indians is tough. American students can get by financial help by applying for FAFSA, but the same facility is not available for Indian Students.

Indian students can get the following financial benefits-

    =>Assistant-ships like teaching assistance
    =>Firm sponsorship
    =>Scholarship for meritorious students- after they get admission
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