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I'm so lost with the scholarships and stuff. HELP!

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I'm so lost with the scholarships and stuff. HELP!

Postby alexandrabrodzkaya10 » Wed, 23 Jul 2014 04:30:01 -0500

Hello everybody,

So this is my situation, I'm getting my High School Diploma by the middle of September (I'll have only 24 credits though) and I want to apply to the university either somewhere in Europe (English speaking program), or the USA, or the UK, or Canada, or Australia. You might say that it will be easy since I'm searching for the uni in such many countries, BUT I don't have enough money to apply there! My parents are willing to give me approximately $ 5,000-7,000 per annum for tuition, but obviously they want me to get a full tuition scholarship so they could only pay for my living expenses. I've been searching up information about scholarships, grants, loans and all these stuff for almost 6 months from now and I'm only getting more confused.

it would be great if any of you could help me with finding a uni with a low cost of tuition in the following countries, or explaining me how do scholarships work, is it worth to take a loan, will I be able to get a scholarship with an average grade of B, etc.etc.etc. Any information will be really appreciated!!!

P.S. I'm looking forward to do Bachelor's in Art, something like media design. I'm 16 and I'm Russian, and I guess I'm kinda too young to apply to uni and since all these political stuff going on now, my nationality may affect my education.
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Re: I'm so lost with the scholarships and stuff. HELP!

Postby jacksonnew » Fri, 01 Aug 2014 11:35:30 -0500

Why , what to your scholarship,
i think you may fail to follow there guide line without any mistake from your side , any college or university never stop.
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