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Income and Expense Register

Postby pkdproducts » Fri, 15 Nov 2013 02:36:53 -0500


Hi. I am Pradip Kumar Daftari from Mumbai, India. I am 63 yrs old and because of my growing age I have shifted my focus to Online Work, created website to help people across globe.

I have created a simple, easy and very useful tool-an Income and Expense Register in Excel- to keep track of Household Incomes and Expenses for all individual households.

It consists of 4 main sheets:

1. Monthly Income Sheet : Just enter your monthly incomes under different heads.

2. Daily Expenses Sheet : Just enter your daily expenses under different heads.

3 Monthly Expenses Sheet: Just enter your Monthly Expenses.

4. Summary Sheet: It automatically shows the monthly total of above three sheets and savings you have made in the month. It also contain SYSTEMATIC INVESTMENT CALCULATOR and SIP AMOUNT CALCULATOR TO CALCULATE MONTHLY AMOUNT REQUIRED TO GET YOUR ASSIGNED TARGET AMOUNT AFTER DESIRED NUMBER OF YEARS. Play with it for fun and plan your future.

It can be modified and customized to suit your needs. It is completer FREE. You can download it from following link: ... e-register
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