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Transfer Student Finacial Aid Troubles (PLEASE HELP)

PostPosted: Wed, 23 Jan 2013 01:22:26 -0500
by ssj9dude
Hello my name is Eugene and I am posting here on behalf of my girlfriend. She is having trouble receiving financial aid for her studies and I am desperately searching for advice on what to do with her current situation. She has already been accepted into a CUNY college here in NYC where we both live. She called me today and happily informed me that she has been accepted by FAFSA for financial aid and then not even 10 minutes later she called me back, devastated, telling me that some one there at the admissions office told her that she has not been granted financial aid from FAFSA due to the fact that she obtained a bachelors diploma back in Ukraine.

She was hysterical and since my English is much better than hers I am trying my best to find out what I can do for her. She applied as a transfer student and during the registration process she handed in all the required documents to the person working in the registration office along with a copy of her diploma from Ukraine. Now I do not have full knowledge of what exactly the issue with her receiving the financial aid was but based on what she told me the person working at the college told her it was due to the fact that she held a bachelors degree that she obtained in Ukraine.

Is there anyone on this board that may have been in a similar situation or might have some more knowledge on how this whole process works? Is there any way I can go with her to the college and attempt to convince the people working there that her handing in a copy of the diploma was some sort of mistake and that she actually does not have any degree from Ukraine? In a worst case scenario for us is there any other organization we can go to for financial help with her tuition?

I am going to go to the college with her tomorrow and attempt to make sense of all this but for now any advice at all is GREATLY appreciated and I am eagerly looking forward to some one replying, thank you.

Re: Transfer Student Finacial Aid Troubles (PLEASE HELP)

PostPosted: Sat, 26 Jan 2013 05:00:25 -0500
by ssj9dude

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