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Live comfortably, work prosperously and play rip-roaringly i

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Live comfortably, work prosperously and play rip-roaringly i

Postby JillHenderson » Fri, 14 Oct 2016 02:35:29 -0500

We can show you exactly how – it’s what we do best!! Since 1998, myOE has been helping thousands of Australian and New Zealand contractors to live, work and play in the UK as part of the global Oncore Group.

We can ensure that you arrive in the UK armed with everything you will need to ensure you really land on your feet….hopping, skipping and jumping! Your myOE UK account manager can help you fast track your search for employment and support you with everything else you need to kickstart your overseas experience.

The team at myOE provides assistance with:

* Job hunting – we can introduce you to a great new work availability app that notifies you of the perfect job, with the perfect skills match, at the exact time you want your contract to start – straight to your phone. We can advise on being a white collar professional shifting from full-time work to contracting, UK resume writing, and how to find and deal with recruiters that match your profession.
* Competitive salary packaging – we can help you save on tax and really maximise your earning potential whilst you are working here in the UK.
* Bank account and National Insurance number assistance – we will act as your advocate so you don’t have to worry at all about these admin headaches when you arrive.
* Somewhere great to live – we have partners that can help you find accommodation and housemates in the best parts of London with your exact requirements, even before you arrive in the UK.
* UK sim card – we can provide you this in advance so that you can have your number listed on your UK resume immediately. Simply activate when you land and start using it!
* Making friends and establishing new networks – we have a packed calendar of different social events that we run throughout the year to ensure you make friends, contacts and travel buddies and network over beers, wine and food (on us) at some great venues (our next party in June is on a narrowboat along London’s Regents Canal).

If you would like to meet with our UK experts in Australia first, we run free seminars regularly in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne, with webinars for those in Canberra. These offer all the advice you could possibly need about planning your OE to the UK, from the people who know, first hand, what it’s like because they have already experienced it, and have loved every exciting minute!! Click here to see when and where your closest seminar is running next.

What are you waiting for? Contact us today to find out all the ways we can ensure that you live, work, and play rip-roaringly in the UK!
MYOE offer the best visa deals on the market. myOE makes sure you land on your feet in your new country and save on tax in your new job. Our contractor management service guarantees more take home pay.
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