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Direct Selling Partners wanted!

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Direct Selling Partners wanted!

Postby Inspired Lifestyle » Sat, 16 Apr 2016 02:09:07 -0500


For the following direct selling businesses we are looking for international partners to team up with. If you don't have a product to sell and would like to start selling the following products because you either have some affiliation with it or know others who can benefit from it, we urge you to contact us. We will show you the products, what you need to do, how we can work the system (your earning potential) and what the start up costs are. We are looking to team up with you share the inspiration & support and mastermind on a plan to do this together online. Our aim is to find the right market for the right products so that the benefit for the customer is maximized. We only work with quality and highly value adding products for lifestyle, health and business. You can be the first in your country to introduce these products and grow increasingly with us and have an international team to support you. You are the right person for us if you have some affiliation with one of the following fields and you think this will add value to yourself, or people in your own surroundings, community maybe your customers, website visitors or will do well in your country :

Health & Vitality
Bio organic capsules made of 27 fruits, berries & vegetables in a special processed way.
This product is a high quality product that cleanses the blood and the body. It provides the body with natural vitamins and minerals contained in 27 organic fruits and vegetables and berries. This will increase health, energy and vitality. The body needs fruit and vegetables that are grown in the sun and healthy and bio available to the body. People who benefit the most: Everyone who values health, who has ailments, seniors, sports people, people who have vitamin deficiency, business people or people who are on the way allot and don't eat well, people who have energy deficits. The blood cycle takes 120 days to renew itself, therefore the capsules are sold in packages with a supply of 4 months. Evidence based and scientifically researched. High quality standard (Europe based standards). Entry costs 60,-(distributor) and 28,- a month for the minimum (the berries), 77,- a month for the premium (fruit, vegetables and berries)

a water ionizer of Japanese quality and highly appreciated. The ionizer is placed on your water tap and filters it. Through a process of electrolyses (7 titanium plates) the water is micro clustered, it has more oxygen, more anti oxidants and is separated in alkaline water and acidic water. The alkaline water is for drinking & cooking ( it hydrates on a cell level providing oxygen and anti oxidants throughout the body and cells) this detoxifies the body and cleans the colon in many ways. People get better skin, more energy and revitalized. Popular users who have these installed all over the place because of its benefits for health are: Anthony Robbins, Bill Gates, Obama, Beyonce and many more. The acidic water can be used as beauty water (good for the skin) people with skin disease benefit (eczema etc.) to wash vegetables ( it removes the chemicals that are sprayed on fruit and vegetables (visibly the water turns yellow greased when washed)and improves the taste of the fruit and vegetables, the highest alkaline (chlorine) is used for anti bacterial cleaning (floors bathrooms everything)
Who benefits: People who need high energy and health optimally and hydration, performers, sportspeople, special benefits for restaurant owners (washing foods, cooking, offering it to customers especially summertime beach restaurant owners cause it hydrates, cleaning according to the norm, efficiency you can use less coffee or herbs etc. to get the same strong taste), fitness schools, yoga schools. People who want to impact their health positively (the whole family) Entry costs 50,- to be a distributor (without machine), the machine costs are between 2.500 - 3.000. To showcase you will need a machine. If you work online you can use the video's to showcase. There is an installment option for people or business to pay in 12 installments. It is highly recommendable to have your own and benefit yourself and your family so you know what it is and what it does. However this is not always an option for everyone’s budget.

Beauty & Cosmetics
A High quality brand with (German quality standards). This contains many healthcare products and innovations for facial & body treatment. Health and Nutritional supplements that work. Many stars are linked to it (Bruce Willis). People who benefit the most: Everyone who values good quality skin and health care using the best ingredients, who like innovations (peeling and anti-aging technology), cosmetics, perfumes, beauty and lifestyle. The prices are very reasonable and therefore it makes it a quality brand for affordable prices. Potential markets: woman, men, baby line, sun protection and aloe Vera based skin line, cosmetics, perfumes, lifestyle bloggers, spa's, beauty parlors and many more. Entry 200,- ( you get products that you choose and you become a distributor to start and team up) Its an easier product to sell because of the reasonable prices and the earning potential is high.

So if you find a categories that would be easy for you, you are a go getter and would like to know what you can earn and how we can do this in the best way, we are looking forward to hearing from you! We are a company based in the Netherlands and associated partners of 3 internationally direct selling companies. We look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards!
Inspired Lifestyle
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Re: Direct Selling Partners wanted!

Postby JohnMattana » Fri, 13 May 2016 01:41:09 -0500

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