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Voluntary internship London - Marketing, HR

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Voluntary internship London - Marketing, HR

Postby Jeannine » Wed, 27 Jan 2016 06:56:45 -0500

You are looking for a once in a lifetime experience? Why not going abroad and gain some practical work experience at Embrace Cooperation? We are a non-profit organisation based in London promoting youth placements, teacher/ educator exchange schemes as well as Personal Development workshops and environmental projects.

We are currently looking for some ambitious young students who want to work with us on some new exciting projects this year.

Please note that this is a voluntary internship and aimed at undergraduates, graduates or people who want to gain more experience in this field of work.

Your tasks will include:

- Assist with Marketing Promotional materials
- Social Media Marketing (Blogging, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin)
- Research (companies, placement opportunities, companies, events)
- Workshop facilitation
- Project development assistance

What we are looking for:

- Good command of English (at least B2)
- Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
- Reliability and time keeping
- Organized, with an ability to prioritize time-sensitive assignments
- Proactivity



If you are interested please contact or go to our website for further information
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Re: Voluntary internship London - Marketing, HR

Postby noopie » Sun, 13 Mar 2016 11:07:28 -0500

Right, sorry to be a killjoy but you are basically making sure to only select RICH people by having these kind of placements / internships. Nobody who does not have considerable funds or family who already lives there can live in London without being paid. Nobody. It is outrageous that this has become a normal thing in the UK. The opportunities are not "Internships" - they are an excuse to exploit students and young graduates. An internship should be paid, as is required by law in most European countries. I hope this law will be passed here soon too. Guys, don't sell yourself for less than you are worth. There are always ways to do paid internships. By selling your labour cheaply, i.e. in this case for free, you are devaluing yourself.
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