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China paid internship program

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China paid internship program

Postby nowisielly » Wed, 01 Jul 2015 09:00:40 -0500


This is Elly from Ningbo Wencheng International Student Internship Inc

We are specialized in supplying the service of China paid internship program or full time of job program,China tour and mandarin training in China for students. Please check on

This is a very good chance for your getting more international experience when you are a students and you are willing to invest on abroad internship or tour.If do so,it makes more success in your future career and how to use your right view to know this world.Also,with development of economy of the larggest comsumer’s market,the more and more company will enlarge their business in China and so these company hope to employ some working experience in China for developing their business in China.At the same time,when you work with chinese together,you will know more chinese working ways or working enthusiasum to change your attitude to live. Also, you will learned China of emterprises of administration,the way fo deal with business which is different from your country. You will learn China of business policy, culture and learn some mandarin. In the end, if you work well during internship, you will have this chance for work in this company for long time.
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