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How to find a career-boosting job ;)

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How to find a career-boosting job ;)

Postby elmondea » Thu, 07 May 2015 06:24:18 -0500

Hi there!

Are you interested in a career-boosting job? But you really don’t know where to apply for it? Because you don’t want to find yourself stocked in a position without any career opportunity in sight? Than carry on reading! As I have the perfect chance for you to get your personal career!
On the 25th of June the Global Careers Fair is taking place for the seventh time already! This successful online event, which is for free, is for all career-boosting jobseekers all around the world. Without great effort Candidates can speak to selected recruiters and be offered the perfect job! The only things you need to assure is being registered, uploading your up to date CV and keeping some free time on the 25th of June. To find out more about the Global Careers Fair and to subscribe, click on the following link,
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