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my i-20 has expired

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my i-20 has expired

Postby angeltifa » Sun, 09 Apr 2006 09:22:30 -0500

my i-20 has expired since 2005. I'm still taking a class at school as full time student. School haven't gave me any notice. School said " it's my responsibility". i think as long as i can take class it would b fine. i thot school should give an extention for i-20 already. so may i renew it? do i need to go back to my country to renew it?

Expired I-20

Postby arekmalang72 » Sun, 09 Apr 2006 02:33:49 -0500

This problem seems to be the most oft-recurring problem in many colleges around the nation. Once in a while the DSO (or the international office) forgets to up-date its international students' files such as their I-20s. When that happens, the DSO should immediatelly inform the students and ask them to renew their I-20. DSO then should be able to help the students to get the extension of their expired I-20. If the DSO refuses to help the student as in your case where DSO said "It's your responsibility," they are wrong!

International students should also know that there is no specific time limits are imposed on F-1 status. F-1 students are typically admitted for the period of time it takes the student to complete the described academic program, or "Duration of Status," as long as a full course of study is maintained during the F-1 period of stay. In short, as long as the students are enrolled as full-time students, despite the fact that their I-20 is already expired, their F-1 status is still valid.

I am attaching the code of federal regulation that talks about your issue, show it to your DSO.

(7) Extension of stay -- (1) General. An F-1 student who is admitted for duration of status is not required to apply for extension of stay as long as the student is maintaining status and making normal progress toward completion of his or her educational objective. An F-1 student who is currently maintaining status and making normal progress toward completing his or her educational objective, but who is unable to complete his or her course of study by the program end date on the Form I-20, must apply prior to the program end date for a program extension pursuant to paragraph (f)(7)(iii) of this section.

8 CFR 214.2


Postby angeltifa » Sun, 09 Apr 2006 06:05:03 -0500

thank you very very much. i would bring this to the international office tomorow ask them to renew my i-20. i 'll b back to let you know the result!

Postby angeltifa » Mon, 10 Apr 2006 09:35:59 -0500

This is my whole story. I'm taking last class (school asked me to take one more extra class) for this semester since i could not pass my final review in Fall 2005. I'll 've my final presentation again this May 12.. Also one more issue i'm so worry about is my F-1 visa 'll expire in June 2006. Due to my F-1 visa expiration, I e-mail to school asked about the applying for OPT. They e-mail back that my i-20 has expired (since 2005)and they 'll reply about it again later.
if they deny to renew my i-20 because i almost grauduate. That means i cannot get OPT and will be out of status after i finish school, right?


Postby arekmalang72 » Mon, 10 Apr 2006 04:23:26 -0500

OPT should be approved as long as the job is directly related to the area of study of the students. I would talk to the DSO (international office) since they are the one who is going to recommend that your OPT application be approved by the immigration office (CIS). I don't think I-20 will affect your OPT application.

Your F-1 status is effective even if your I-20 is expired as long as you are still attending school and taking full-time course (or part-time with school permission). Your F-1 is valid for the duration of study; it could be longer than the time period specified on your I-20.

I hope this answers your question, please contact me if you have any other concerns.


Re: my i-20 has expired

Postby ngatran » Mon, 22 Jun 2009 12:12:29 -0500

My I-20 has expired. I withdraw my last school and go to a catholic one since the old school could not let me stay. The Study Aboard Specialist who issued my I-20 said that she needed the email from my new school to make sure i was going to that school, then she would have my I-20 release to the new school. I requested the administrator if she pleased email the Specialist, but she had to wait for the Principle's acceptance letter. But the letter was late, and my I-20 had expired. Is it okay if the Specialist emails the school my expired I-20 to make a new one for me?
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Re: my i-20 has expired

Postby reitawood » Wed, 12 Dec 2012 03:41:05 -0500

I'm student at university in Atlanta but now i plan to move to St. Louis and i must enroll to new university, but unfortunately there is no time for admission for Spring semester and i must wait for Summer semester! My question is how long i can stay campus off? if i stay until Summer semester that is not late for me? because i don't want to have problem with my international student status!
for stay in correct status i must re-new my I-20 every semester?

I will be so thankful if you help me...
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