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PostPosted: Mon, 20 Apr 2015 11:55:48 -0500
by sshaf
I am currently a full time student enrolled in 16 hours at a college. I had no idea I needed to to transfer my i-20 to my new school when i transfered so the old school terminated my I-20 thinking that i am not attending school anymore. At the new college they did not tell me anything until i walked into their office today randomly asking to get signed up for summer school. I am still enrolled in all my classes at the new school without an I-20 in their file but yet im still considered an international student.. how they were able to enroll me without an I-20 I have no idea... I am desprete need of help what do i do? my I-20 expired on feb.13 and i have not done anything illegally. This was literally a mistake and i was not aware of transferring my I-20 at all. Is there any way i can fix this problem. it was a complete accident.