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Question regarding my upcoming OPT application

PostPosted: Sun, 11 May 2014 12:15:01 -0500
by adrian5683
Hi everyone, I'm about to apply for my second OPT in a few weeks and I'm concerned whether it will be approved or not. When I applied for my first OPT four years ago the Department of Homeland Security never received my payment. Their notices went unanswered because I was out of United States for a while and the application fee subsequently went into debt delinquency. Meanwhile I returned on a regular I-20 to complete another four year degree and never received any other notices of debt owned to the DHS.

As I understand it, the DHS has to report the debt to the Department of Treasury after 180 days and they figure out how to collect, but that's not my concern. Is there a permanent black mark on my record because of these events that will prevent me from getting my OPT and EAD card now?

Any input would be appreciated, thank you.