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Need Help! Going Broke Calling Home...

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Need Help! Going Broke Calling Home...

Postby Janice Armstrong » Sat, 08 Apr 2006 04:39:33 -0500

I call home to my family in Germany about once a week. My friends even more. I just miss them. I miss the things about home and my long distance bill is well, just embarrassing.

I have bought calling cards from the store that promise so many minutes but I swear they are not accurate. I am supposed to get like 500 minutes for $5 and they are used up after three 15 minute calls which is still cheaper than my regular long distance carrier.

I have tried every card. They all seem to be a rip off. Does anyone know...I mean honestly...not a sales agent but someone that has actually used a long distance plan of a good solution. Please I need to call home, but I need to buy food, for me and my precious little kitty Felix.


I have seen ad for
It looks good but they require personal info and a credit card number.
Has anyone tried it? Are they like all the rest? Is in secure and reliable?

Janice Armstrong

Postby bonkiy7 » Thu, 04 May 2006 12:45:06 -0500

I'm using and i think it is great. good connection, no breaking lines, no ripoffs, cheap. Use toll free #, because if u use local area you wont get charged for oversea but for within USA, and u don't want that.

for 10$ I talk to croatia for over an hour and a half
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Re: Need Help! Going Broke Calling Home...

Postby zaptel » Thu, 07 Jul 2011 02:20:37 -0500

Hi Janice,

I use OneSuite, video:, and I can check call history instantly, so I know where my money and minutes are going.

So for Germany, for $10, you can get more than 5 hours of talk time. Connection is good.
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