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Great technological tools and apps for making your study abr

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Great technological tools and apps for making your study abr

Postby yoshewale » Tue, 10 Dec 2013 03:33:16 -0500

Study Abroad is a dream comes true for students and few of them gets the chance to live it. While the decision is not easy and one has to several trials and tribulations starting from the journey till the semester ends but planning can make your life easy. Apart from the systematic routine you follow there are several electronic gadgets which can prove handy and make your life easy from the initial stage of packing till you reach your destination, explore the new place and share all your innovative experiences with your friends and dear ones.

Trip it (I phone iPod and Android) is a device which helps you prepare your schedule before you depart for a long trip and this will help you catch your flight and even you wish to forget it won’t let you miss your flight or train when going to study in abroad.

While you pack your bag, Pack the bag (I phone, I pad) is a device which will never let you forget what to pack and help you packing your luggage with less of pain and headaches and INTO app (I phone, pad, android) helps in preparing checklists, travel advice and center information and other stuffs which are the necessary requirements of journey as well required post you reach your destination.

Digital Luggage Scale is a device which will help you pack your bag within the restrictions imposed by the airline authority and take care of the issues which might arose later on other part of the country.

Google Map (I phone, I pod, android) is a must carry device which helps you locating the places and locations while you go out and explore the new place on your own. City Planner is a device used in London which helps in figuring out the location. Apart from this as you explore the new destination Viator (I phone, I pod, Android) will help you in locating the new places which you might wish to visit and Field Trip is another device which sends signals whenever you are nearer to your destination.

While you explore the new place you might even wish to share the exotic locations and landscapes with your near and dear ones. Instagram (I phone, I pod, Android) And Snapseed (I phone, I pod, Android) will enable you to create images like a professional photographer does and devices like Postagram (I phone and android)and Stannp (I phone, I pod, Android)would help convert those photos into postcards so that you can send it to your friends and relatives. They are cheaper than international stamps.

While you travel you might face the language problem since the local people use the native language while communicating with each other so Language Translator can be helpful in having a quicker access to translate the unknown words and help you understand them when studying in Universities in USA. As the time passes by any which ways you will learn the language.

For more info visit:-
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Re: Great technological tools and apps for making your study

Postby hardis » Thu, 20 Feb 2014 12:27:42 -0500

The author's view is very special, It's beneficial to my study and life.So,I am consent with the author's word absolutely.I think all reader will has great interesting in the author.

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Re: Great technological tools and apps for making your study abr

Postby yomuzoku » Wed, 31 Aug 2016 01:42:10 -0500

We have designed an online course which includes easy to understand Japanese Examples in form of stories, news and celebrity gossips. These stories elaborated with their meaning and way of speech so that people will enjoy reading them.
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