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3 Insurance every student needs while studying in Canada

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3 Insurance every student needs while studying in Canada

Postby nirijajain » Mon, 05 Oct 2015 11:32:53 -0500

While planning to pursue higher studies in Canada, a very important factor that is to be considered is insurance. There are three major kinds of insurance that you need to take into consideration: travel insurance, provincial health insurance in Canada and private health insurance. Insurance plans work like a shield and protect you in case your things are damaged in transit, injury during traveling, unforeseen accidents, theft, etc. It is a savior in your times of crisis.

Types of insurance you should have before taking off

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is very important when you have to make long journeys. Especially, when you are moving to a foreign country for higher education, there would be many valuable things that you would be carrying like laptop, tablet, mobile phone, camera, jewellery, clothes, etc. Any loss or damage to any of these or other items of your luggage can create a big hole in your pocket. In instances such as these, travel insurance is important.

A travel insurance plan with higher coverage is beneficial in case of any loss or damage to your belongings or in critical situations where you may need urgent medical attention.

A policy with the following features will suffice:

Coverage for your personal items
Coverage for any accidental injury and sudden illnesses
Twenty-four hour emergency services and help
Cover for lost, damaged or stolen possessions like ornaments, baggage, documents, cameras, etc.
Coverage during cancellations of hotel bookings, flight, and other transportation bookings in the event of a sudden illness, death in the family, or some other emergency situations where you may need to cancel the trip

Provincial Health Care

International students are covered for basic and preventive medical services under the provincial health care system in Canada. All international students with a valid study visa are entitled to a provincial health care card which is needed to access the service. However, dental care, vision care, prescription medications and some diagnostic testing services are not covered under the plan.

Some services like hospitalization are partially covered. This may lead to huge medical costs in case you have to spend a few days in the hospital. In such situations a private health insurance in Canada is beneficial.

Private Health Insurance

It is always safer to have your own private health insurance in Canada. The main reason is that the coverage under provincial plans will vary from province to province. Provincial health care plans may not be accepted when you are in a different province.

In case you need medical assistance while you are out of your province, a private health insurance would come in handy. Private health insurances also cover services such as prescription drugs, dental costs, private hospital rooms, ambulance services, etc. which may not be covered under your province or territory’s health insurance plan.

As an international student it would be beneficial for you to get a private health insurance before you enter Canada. Also getting a private health insurance in your home country would be a lot easier and convenient than in Canada.
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Re: 3 Insurance every student needs while studying in Canada

Postby lexxaus » Mon, 20 Jun 2016 08:03:33 -0500

its a lot of paper thats why i decided not to study in Canada
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