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convert pre-completion OPT to post-completion OPT

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convert pre-completion OPT to post-completion OPT

Postby vnad » Mon, 19 Sep 2016 08:21:58 -0500


I am a PhD student on Pre-completion OPT, working for a company. My Pre-completion OPT is for one year and expires by end of Macrh 2017. This year I wasn’t selected on H1-B lottery and my company is applying for H1-B again next year. I recently found out that I cannot use STEM extension for Pre-completion OPT. I am taking the last course of my PhD this semester, remotely. So I will be done with all my course works by December. Can I request to convert my Pre-completion to Post-completion OPT and then use the STEM extension?

Thank you
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