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Help for now international student!!!

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Help for now international student!!!

Postby Yamila22 » Mon, 05 Sep 2011 06:53:18 -0500

:oops: Hallo. I attend a two year community college around my area(South Suburban) and was planning to become an international student when I get finished(about two and a half years from now so I still have some time to plan ahead before I freak out). What I want to specilize in is Art of Fine Arts and Journalism with a little computer class for my minor(maybe). Now, what I'm having for a little fender-bender is that I'm really nervous. I haven't been out of America since I was a child.(And it was only to live with my dad for four years).

The two that I aspire to go to college for to expand my knowledge and degree is either Canada since it's closer(A little scared to leave mutti by herself since she's almost sixty) or somewhere around the UK(mainly because I was born from there and wanted to relive the missed days).

Also, I'm learning how to speak Japanese, German and write Russian. So maybe there might be some schools that do conversational languages?
Main concerns:
1.) Is there programs for international students to get to and from a different country for school?
2.) If I'll be being with different families in a house living in the UK(not too sure about Canada)
3.) Cheap colleges/universities that still meet my criteria
4.) If I'll be able to come home on holidays or not by the school or program
5.) If I stay in the UK or Canada to pay off my school loans, is it possible to get a visa to live there if I wanted?
6.) And if they provide student work study so I can pay for the things I need/pay the school off.

Please help me out here. Answers will make my day. Really nervous college student who wants to expand her varizon here. Danke schon! :D
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Re: Help for now international student!!!

Postby yomuzoku » Wed, 13 Jul 2016 08:17:18 -0500

Yamila, I would like to recommend an online Japanese course with free online tool named as "Yomuzoku" which will definitely help you to build you vocabulary of Japanese with Japanese examples.
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